• Focusmax Error 462

    While trying to connect to WMI , an error occurred. error: 462 – While trying to connect to WMI on \XYZ an error occurred. error: 462. Description: The remote server machine does not exists or is unavailable. One more thing that I observed that there are many systems which are giving the above mentioned error.

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    FocusMax Error 462 . Expand Messages. larryl. Hi, Here is a cut and paste of some errors that I encountered last night. IIRC, I just pressed the Acquire button. PinPoint.Plate Error -2147220462: Failed to. Message 1 of 2 , Jul 26, 2012. View Source.

    How do I get focusmax to run on windows 7-64 Pro? The focusmax Ver. 3.4.40 which ran on vista-32 sp2. It will load but I get a ERROR 91 Object variable or with block variable not set modfile_10

    following code is to read a word file in vba. But its showing an error Error 462 in VBA : remote server machine not found. Sub abc() Dim fileReader As String Dim wrdApp As Word.Application Dim wr…

    Error ID 462 — Data Protection Manager. At this time, no additional information is available for this error. The information provided below is identical to the error message content. However, your request for more information has been recorded, …