• Flex Textinput Errorstring

    Flex in a Week – Validating form data | Adobe Developer … – Learn to use Flex framework validation classes to validate a form. For the complete experience, please enable JavaScript in your … change the id value to officePhoneValidator and bind the source value to the phone TextInput control. <mx:PhoneNumberValidator id="officePhoneValidator …

    mx.controls.TextInput – FLEX Components | WEB RIA AIR AS3 … – Starting with Flex 4.0, Adobe recommends that you use the spark.components.TextInput class as an alternative to this class.

    The following example shows how you can display the error indicator on a Spark FormItem container in Flex Hero by setting the errorString property or using the Flex … The following example shows how you can customize a Flex TextInput control’s error color and error string using the …

    Trying to validate the input in my data grid, I am using a function (taken from an Adobe example). This is how the grid goes: <mx:DataGrid id="CashGrid" dataProvider="{cash}" editable="true"

    Step 1. On focusIn, left side of flex textinput control become light blue, Step 2. At the validation, entire control border become red and left side of the control become,

    Find ErrorString IN Flex Text Fields : Object Identification and Technologies … When you write a String value to the UIComponent.errorString property, Flex draws a red border around the component to indicate the validation error, … Define the TextInput control for entering the phone number. –>

    Using error tips. Error tips are … They are most often seen when the Flex validation mechanism displays a warning when data is invalid. … You can trigger an error tip to appear on any control when you set its errorString property to anything other than an empty String (“”).

    Hi all, Nor DropDownList neigher TextInput component have this “errorColor” style documented on the list of supported styles