• Flex Error 2038

    Flex upload # 2038 I/O Error | Adobe Community – Hi to all!!!!! I coded an actionscript procedure which takes a list of files to upload and it begins to upload them one at a time. The first file in

    Flex File I/O Error #2038 – file.upload fails on Mobile IOS … – I need to upload an xml file to the server with a IOS application developed in Flex. I am getting a Flex File I/O Error #2038. It is a very generic i/o error and doesn’t provide any further details…

    While working on my current assignment, where we were required to allow File upload using .Net in back end. Well things worked smoothly like creating a web service in .Net 2.0 and integration with Flex 3.0. I won’t fall in the details of creating Web Service and passing parameters.

    I am talking about Flex & Java as backend using Tomcat server. 1. If you have size issues make sure you create “temp” directory under tomcat/temp

    I figured out an error as Error #2038 for IOEvent while file uploading in flex. I googled out but i didn’t find any proper solution may be how to implement that. The code is working properly befor…