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    Flash cs4 mac – Error opening URL ‘/:Users:some… | Adobe … – Hello. I am having a weird problem when trying to test a movie or publish preview -> flash on mac with Leopard os. The result is a blank movie with the usuall “movie not loaded” if u right click on it and the output returns the “Error opening URL ‘the path of the swf here’.

    Error opening URL – kirupa.com | tutorials + design + code – I’m new to flash and trying to figure out some actionscript. I keep getting an error when i try to preview my movie “Error opening URL “file:///C|/DOCUME%7E1/bear/LOCALS%7E1/Temp/Rar%24DI01.136/locations.swf” any ideas on what to do?? Thanks Aya

    I have been creating a simple AS3 file within Flash to create a mockup. However today, I have got the following error when trying to test the file in the output: **Error opening URL

    hello, I am having a problem with my flash actionscript. I am new to flash and am learning slowly from tutorials. I have created a … Back To Flash and ActionScript Forum. Error opening URL undefined. R123; Born; … Error opening URL “file:///C …

    Hello All: Yes, I am a newbie. So I decided to try the photo album tutorial and it didn’t work at all. Is it because I don’t have the .jpgs uploaded to a website? Here is the error info I get: Error opening URL “file:///C|/GorhamL%20Documents/flash%20animation/flash animation/george155.jpg …

    Flash SlideShow w/o Flash! Flash Error Opening Url File C. The innovative AJAX-powered engine is the key feature that makes web poto galleries look and perform great!. flash video filmstrip rapidshare

    [Unexpected File Format] Error | Opening Flash files | Flash Professional CS5.5. Tweet. You may encounter errors when you attempt opening or saving files using Flash Professional CS5.5. This article explains about the errors and Flash CS5.5 updater released to handle such errors.

    Hello, I’m new to these forums but have spent quite a bit of time at Flashkit and I still cannot figure out why I’m having the problem I am. Basically, at the moment, all I’m trying to do is send a file name and extention to a php script, which will then load the file and return the contents …

    Flash MX2004 wont open any URL’s at localhost or even on the web, in the authoring enviroment … The main thing that seems to be causing the problem “Error opening URL” is that my webhost has a firewall setup blocking flash from accessing those files.