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    Ti 83/84:  Linear Regression & Correlation (V09)PDF Title: R & R – Residuals and Regression – • Perform operations on a TI-83 graphing calculator … 5. In order to find the sum of the squares of the residuals (which are in L 5) … Use your calculator to find the sum of the squares of the residuals for the best fit line

    Classroom Activities: What is Linear Regression? – Texas … – Cabri™ Jr. for TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus; Other Materials Student Handout; Report an Issue What is … students will explore finding the line of best fit based on the sum of the squares of the residuals and determine what the linear regression line is. Before the Activity. 1.

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    Using the TI 83 to find the least squares regression line and residuals (Example 3.15) (Using the data from page 153 of The Practice of Statistics by Daniel Yates, David Moore, and George McCabe) Step 1: Enter the data into List 1 (L 1)

    Elementary Statistics: Finding the Sum of the Squared Residuals on TI-83-84. See http://www.mathheals.com for more videos.

    TI-83 Data Operations (1) To setup STAT PLOT for. plot. ting. … To display residuals (RESID): 2nd – LIST – Select RESID from the list … Residuals are displayed in the L3 column. (6) To get sum of squared errors (SSE): 2nd – LIST – MATH – 5 -ENTER.

    Can I use the TI 83 to calculate the Sum of Squares Error (SSE) … which contains a list of residuals (i.e. errors) based on the data and regression. You can find this list in [2nd][Stat](List), somewhere under L6 most likely.