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    Facebook FraudScript Error FB is undefined – URL: – Microsoft Community – Full message reads: Internet Explorer Script Error Line: 1 Char: 55909 Error: ‘FB’ is undefined Code: 0 URL: https://channel.skype Do you want to continue running scripts on … personalized content and ads. Learn More. Sign in. Community Search this site; Internet Explorer 8; Internet …

    Facebook Ads ‘There Was an Error’ | Facebook Help Community … – Facebook Ads ‘There Was an Error’ Something’s Broken. There was an error Unsupported type `integer’ passed to TokenValueGeneric, expected string or XHP TAAL[BLAME_func,invariant] TAAL[BLAME_file] Asked over a year ago by Julian Russi Díaz. 4 votes · 2 followers.

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    Hi I am having problems creating a FB newsfeed Ad in Power Editor. I was previously able to create them but now it is coming up with this error code: &

    Hello friends, fb ads help me 🙁 Ad Manager Error There was a problem processing your request. Please try again. Error code: 1. What is problem ?