• Europa Universalis 3 Unknown Error While Loading Files

    Steam games wont launch (FIXED) but for realError when editing map – Paradox Interactive Forums – Frontpage – … except that when I try to edit the provinces.bmp it gives an error “Unknown exception: unknown error when loading files” and freezes while in the “Calculating paths” phase of loading. … Europa Universalis III; EU3 – User Modifications;

    … I get a message saying that the PC couldn’t play the autolaunch.exe in the GamersGate temporary files folder; … Europa Universalis III Chronicles. EU3 … Have you tried to load it somewhere other than the program files directory?

    #3 Europa Universalis 4 … The error usually occurs due to a software problem. First, try verifying the game files and if that doesn’t help, you should be sure that … It seems to do thins when it’s “Loading the Map” before going to main menu. I have all my drivers updated …

    I was playing europa universalis III for quite some time now, … (then a blue screen showed up) while I was playing. This never happened before, as the game … and it shows the error VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR …

    When I first started playing Europa Universalis, it was just the vanilla version. This is still the only version I have, … This also ended in failure, with the load screen crashing to desktop at “Creating Checksum…” with the error message “Unknown error while loading files!”

    Why am I getting an “Error unknown error occurred while loading browswer extension”? Dell Studio 540. Winows Vista. IE9 … Any data files that are infected may only be cleaned by deleting the file entirely, … Method 3: Optimize Internet Explorer.