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    How to make a fake error/prank messageFake Error Message Prank! – Video – Metacafe – Online Video … – The easiest way to make own Windows error messages! U only need notepad! Check it out now and see how easy it is!. Watch Video about Windows,Pranks,Pop by Metacafe.com

    What is a good fake error text message? I need a good fake error message to text someone so they shut up. Like: Error#2739 Your current cellular device has reached its maximum amount of text messages for the month. Or somthing like that. Sign In . to add your …

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    How to Make a Fake Error Message on Windows. This article explains how to create a fake error message (VBScript) on Windows using just Notepad. Open Notepad. Press the WIN-R keys (Windows key + R), and type: notepad.exe

    Funny Error Messages refers to parodies of computer error messages which appear to indicate a computer or website is malfunctioning while explaining the fak

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    How to Put a fatal error on a windows computer with notepad How to Put a fatal error on a windows computer with notepad With this computer prank video, you can find out how to put a fatal error message on a windows computer using notepad.

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    How to Make a Fake Error Message Using Notepad. In this article you’ll learn how to make fake error messages using Notepad. Open up Notepad.