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    Falcon PRO – BETA Testers – Community – Google+ – I really like the new Falcon Pro, but there are still some features missing: Here some features i’d like to see in falcon pro: 1) Please make The “add new column” page swipable!

    Falcon Pro users have had a front-row seat to quite a bit of drama over the last few months. The events started when the app struck its 100,000 user token limit, which lead to the developer to reset user tokens in an effort to reallocate them to active users.

    Many users are having trouble logging into Falcon Pro because of Twitter’s “token limits.” Now, there’s a little cheat code in the app that works around that problem.

    Hey everybody im going to explain how to get acces to Falcon PRO by doing a easteregg All credits to Joenv (Joachim Verges) 1st step download the APK here and install it!

    There has been plenty of curiosity surrounding Falcon Pro and the app’s apparent “shut down” from Twitter. Hitting the token limit for a second time, the developer is still quite intent on making users happy, recently launching a new site and secret method for new users to login …

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    Falcon Pro updated with workaround for Twitter tokens. A hidden feature in a recent update to Falcon Pro lets anyone use the app. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

    STATE OF CALIFORNIA PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION Southern California Edison’s Falcon Ridge Substation Project (Application A.10-12-017, filed December 29, 2010)…

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    A new Falcon Pro update has gone live for existing token owners. News of the update also hints at an “experiment” to bypass Twitters token limit.

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    This Error is the most common error found in Falcon Pro for Android. This basically occurs because of using custom login (also known as hidden login). First of All, Make Sure you go through …

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