• Emacs-eclim Error

    Java HelloWorld ScreencastDownload / Install — eclim (eclipse + vim) – If you encounter an error running the installer, then consult the known potential issues below. … Or if you never installed the vim files (emacs-eclim users for example) you can supply -Dvim.skip=true instead. Source / Back to top

    When I invoke eclim-java-import-missing, I get the error “No command ‘java_import_order’ found.” Seems like there may have been an update to eclim without a corresponding update to emacs eclim? Or maybe I have mismatched versions? Any ideas?

    I’m working in a fresh configuration of GNU Emacs 24.3.1. I want to use emacs-eclim with company. Company works correctly, but if I open a java file, it stops working correctly, yelling this error

    emacs eclim error. Newb Question emacs termcap error location: ubuntuforums.com – date: July 22, 2009 I’ve been searching the forums here for any info on this and none if it really seems to be working for me. I’m totally lost.

    emacs-eclim – This project brings some of the great eclipse features to emacs developers. It is based on the eclim project, which provides eclipse features for vim.