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    Crear carpetas en iOSSynch Using Dropbox / Moneydance for iPhone, iPod Touch, and … – I receive a “Error (403)” when attempting to connect to dropbox from my Iphone. The Dropbox description state “Error (403) It seems you tried to do something we can’t verify. Did you log into a different Dropbox account in a different window?

    dropbox chooser 403 error for webapp on iPad/iPhone – Stack … – I am new to dropbox.I have tried to integrate dropbox chooser and it worked well with the code given on the official site for developers at https://www.dropbox.com/developers on the desktop browser…

    Why is Dropbox now causing a 403 Forbidden error when trying to view files on Apache in Chrome on Ubuntu? … Here is the step by step: Error (403) in Dropbox When you Login: How to Fix the Problem. Written 3 Aug, 2014. Upvote 0. Downvote. Comment. Fredrik Nordell. 1 upvote by .

    DropBox keeps giving me 403 error after my application is authenticated. #121. Closed … I have tried it with checkbox example too but it is same for checkbox too after authentication again 403 error. (using my own app key) Note: …

    How do. I. Get. To. Put my picture s. on. Drop box. Syleena Bewerten Sie diese Antwort Hilfreich Nicht hilfreich

    Osstatus error -9800 5152 Views 9 Replies Latest reply: … The “OSStatus” message relates to the iOS version on your iPad or iPhone. This error is usually resolved by updating the iOS on your device. … I faced the same problem here as goodreader can’t link to dropbox telling os error-9800,

    Hi I have problem with latest 1password for iPhone and dropbox sync with iOS7.

    PKGBACKUP Restore Error Code 403. … Join Date: Dec 2011. It looks like a problem in the Dropbox end, but if it does not go away, email the PkgBackup author. He gives good support. 0 … iPhone: Ifaith causing error code -1 in itunes during restore: idontjailbreak: Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks: 4:

    i’m trying to upload a file using the dropbox SDK for ios, i have setup correctly the framework, and link with the dropbox account, but now when i’m trying to upload the file i receive this error:

    This is how to fix the Dropbox error (403) that people get when they login to their account, in other cases, there is a forbidden error.