• Dotnetnuke Under Construction Error


    asp.net – How to troubleshoot DotNetNuke under construction … – Hi have a few DotNetNuke websites that intermittently show the under construction page for no apparent reason. I just load and resave the web.config file and it restarts correctly for a few weeks. …

    Wiki – Under Construction – DotNetNuke – There are occasions where a DotNetNuke site displays the “under construction” page and it is not clear why. There are only three specific cases where the under construction page is displayed::

    DotNetNuke Underconstruction.htm – Chris Hammond – If you’re having problems with your DotNetNuke site, mainly every time the site loads the first time (after the site has been reset), going to the install/underconstruction.htm file, here’s a quick tip.

    Your Site is Displaying a DotNetNuke Under Construction Page – Cause Your site was showing the Under Construction page because of a known DotNetNuke issue in which it is unable to connect to the SQL database.

    Anyone else having problems with the live DotNetNuke.com website this morning? I just get an Under Construction error. received my DNN Pro licence late last night, distributed details through my company and then today I have received numerous replies s…

    Look in the event log for errors. This could mean that the site isn’t responding quickly, in which case a keep-alive service would help. It also might mean that there is a problem with the DotNetNuke framework connecting to the database.