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    BSNL Broadband Modem Wi-fi Configuration (models: WA3002G4,DNA-A211-I and ZTE Type 2)The zone is locked for zone transfer or update – Microsoft … – > > My application modifies the .dns files of a forward > > lookup zone and then reloads the zone. But doing the > > reload sequentially I get this error: “Failed to reload > > zone The zone is locked for zone transfer or update”.

    How to Fix Dns_error_zone_locked – Name,Diagnose Windows errors and fix Dns_error_zone_locked on your PC with this repair tool.

    Error Codes: Windows Error 9607 – DNS_ERROR_ZONE_LOCKED: DNS … – Description of Windows Error 9607: DNS_ERROR_ZONE_LOCKED: DNS zone is locked.

    DNS_ERROR_ZONE_LOCKED. Command failed: DNS_ERROR_ZONE_LOCKED 9607 (00002587) The above error occurs when trying to reload a zone using dnscmd. This means the dns zone didn’t allow dynamic updates. 1.

    This article shows you how to repair Dns Zone Is Locked. errors.

    My DNS zone are not updating to child domain controller and whenever i reload my DNS zone xx.com it’s giving following error Failed to reload zone. The zone is locked for zone transfer or update please help us anyone… rmesh.k · that normally happens when an update is in progress …

    What does DNS_ERROR_ZONE_LOCKED Windows error code mean ? Jan. 23. 2013. … This is a Windows System Error Code which means: DNS zone is locked.. This error code might be displayed as DNS_ERROR_ZONE_LOCKED or just as an error code like: 9607 (0×2587)

    DNS_ERROR_ZONE_LOCKED 9607 (0x2587) DNS zone is locked. DNS_ERROR_ZONE_CREATION_FAILED 9608 (0x2588) DNS zone creation failed. DNS_ERROR_ZONE_ALREADY_EXISTS 9609 (0x2589) DNS zone already exists. DNS_ERROR_AUTOZONE_ALREADY_EXISTS 9610 (0x258A)

    … along with a damaged hard drive. Repair Dns Zone Is Locked. by removing the hardware, especially when the problem occurs after a device was installed in your computer. In addition, a less RAM and full hard disk can also cause Windows to error. Use Disk Cleanup to delete unnecessary files …