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    How to Use a Digital Picture FrameDigital photo frame-“format not supported” Any make that … – Re: Digital photo frame-“format not supported” Any make that allows altered pics?

    Digital photo frames are interesting products, giving you the ability to display a variety of ever-changing photos in a frame, rather than just hanging one photo on the wall.

    Digital Picture Frame Image Errors. Shawn Olson. Posted May 11, 2007. Last Updated Nov 11, 2011. … But after purchasing a second digital photo frame from a different manufacturer, I found that the exact same set of images would not display.

    4 GB Before operation Enjoying your photo frame in various ways The Sony DPF-XR100/VR100 is a digital photo frame for easily displaying images taken with a

    An error message appeared on my KODAK Digital Frame, but I don’t find it listed on the Support site. … Digital frame: “Printing error” Kodak EasyShare digital photo frame — Extended user guide; Digital frame error message, “Disk is full” Digital frame: …