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    Mid Manhattan Oral SurgeryIntraoral Radiography: Principles, Techniques and Error … – Patient Preparation Errors. Dental professionals should always explain the radiographic procedure to the patient and give clear instructions as to what the patient can do to help ensure a quality image, avoid retakes and reduce radiation exposure. The most common error in this category is movement.

    Dental Radiography QA: Processing Errors. Light Contamination … – GO Dental Radiography QA: Processing Errors – Light Contamination: GO Dental Radiography: MCQ. Optimisation: … As well as generalised fogging caused by exposure of the whole film to light, there are other ways that light can affect a film when an automatic processor is used.

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    RADIOGRAPHIC ERRORS AND ARTIFACTSDr. Walid Samir SalemBDS, MS, MHPElecturer, Oral Surgery DepartmentMember, Dental education unit

    taking the radiograph] or processing errors [related to all aspects of processing] … exposure. The complete film will be blurred. 4. With a bent film part of the film will be in focus [usually the crowns ] and

    Dental Radiology: A discussion of the common errors technicians make when exposing a radiograph

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    OPERATOR ERRORS. Error: Cause: … Radiographic appearance: Elongation: Insufficient (too little)vertical angulation: Increase the vertical angulation (the angulation was too flat) Foreshortening: Excessive (too much) vertical angulation: … Double exposure: Exposed film re-exposed to radiation:

    Patient Preparation Errors Dental professionals should always explain the radiographic procedure to the patient and give … Exposure Errors Time Setting Incorrect exposure can be caused by many factors; the most common being improper exposure factor

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    PANORAMIC RADIOGRAPHY 3 Continuing Dental Education Credits Sponsored by The Academy of Dental Therapeutics and Stomatology … which reduce the likelihood of exposure errors, but do not prevent them entirely. It is still important to know the

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    radiation exposure to dental patients. 2. Apply the principles of paralleling and bisecting angle technique to intraoral radi- … result in more errors for both periapical and bitewing radi-ographic images compared to film, and can cause more discomfort for the patient. To avoid these problems

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