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    DatagridView Default Error Dialog | Microsoft Connect – Praveen, Thanks for contacting us with this issue. I see you have two issues: – We do not support SQL Server 2008 failover cluster installs on domain controllers.

    When the error occurs in an external data source, however, the data source may not provide the column in which the error occurred. … MessageBox.Show(“leave control error”); } if ((anError.Exception) is ConstraintException) { DataGridView view = (DataGridView)sender; view …

    ok dont know if this helps, but I was having this same problem and I think I traced it down to the following: I was binding the datagridview to a CollectionBase class i had created to hold items for me, and each time i created a new item i would do this:

    I am putting this up because it took far too long to find the answer on the web and this is probably a common problem – it is the second time i have experienced it on my app. When a new row with a

    Handle the DataError event in datagridview In Focus. REGISTER: C# Corner Annual Conference 2015 Announced; Contribute. An Article; A Code Snippet; A Blog; A News; A … DataGridView Default Error Dialog—–The following exception occurred in the DataGridView: System …