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    CPU stress test + Corsair H80: How the fan profile toggle worksCPU Fan Error with Corsair H100i – New Build – Motherboard – ASUS X99 Deluxe CPU Cooler – Corsair H100i I just spent the day building a new gaming PC and right from the very first boot I have had a “CPU FAN ERROR” message that appears.

    65.5 GB Corsair Platinum 2133mhz @ 9-9-9-24 0.6667Ghz (not OC). 1 Asus ROG Ares II, 7970×2, … Rampage IV Extreme –> CPU fan error 2012/10/03 23:31:16 The setting is in the boot up section of the bios. You can turn it off so it will boot with …

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    Just built my first PC,I am useing an Asus X58 motherboard,with a Corsair h70 cpu cooler.The connect…

    [Specs below] I built my PC last October/November, and after installing almost every component by the videos from the respective manufacturers, the Bios shows a warning screen (after the Asus logo) saying no CPU fan detected.

    Latest bios on board. Why would a case fan be recognized as a fan but the h100i not. Just looking if it is reproducible from someone else or I have a dud.

    Protect your hardware and increase your CPU’s overclocking potential. Dual fans and a double-thick radiator deliver outstanding cooling effic

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    Hi all! recently i build up a pc with corsair h80i. but i cant seem to find the corsair link. i guess it is being plug into the motherboard fan header. is there anywhere to control the fan speed? as it is 2850rpm. super super noisy!!!!

    I bought a corsair SP120 twin pack to replace the fans on my Zalman CNPS10X Performa cpu cooler and when i plug the fans into the cpu header a cpu fan error shows on boot up. in the bios the fan is sh