• Core Plot Error

    How Lord of The Rings Should Have EndedHow To Draw Graphs with Core Plot, Part 1 – Ray Wenderlich – Now that your project is in place, proceed to add Core Plot. You can download it here. At the time of writing this tutorial, the latest release is CorePlot_1.0.zip, so download that and extract the contents of the ZIP file to a temporary folder.

    Using Core Plot in an iPhone Application – Tech.pro – I am new to core plot and get the same problem CorePlot-CocoaTouch.h No such file or directory and 162 issues. … http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4146341/core-plot-configuration-error/4173170#4173170 – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; graph = …

    I put core-plot 1.4 header into my project, add library, add quartz-core, accelerate, -ObjC on linker flag but If I try to compile I get this error:

    Programming in objective-c: Core plot CPTTimeFormatter fixed xAxis time interval on newest questions tagged objective-c – Stack Overflow. I am using core plot to plot a graph with the xAxis.labelFormatter being a CPTTimeFormatter.

    Using Core Plot Within an Application; Mac Application; iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad Application; Dependent Project Install; Static Library Install

    I am using CorePlot 0.3, everything was ok until I upgraded XCode to 4.4 (2 days ago), CorePlot failed to build and I got some errors with message: clang: error: -Z-reserved-lib-stdc++: ‘linker’ i…

    Core Plot Swift BarPlot tickLocation always zero. Posted on Jan 29, 2015 12:16 PM, I’m trying to make a Bar Chart using core-plot under Swift, i have a problem making custom labels on xAxis, they’re always in tickLocation zero.

    I have downloaded core plot component.But it showing error in ScatterPlot.cs that in this line: