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    ConvertXtoDVD Access violation at address 0040480C in module ‘ConvertXtoDVD.exe.’ Read of … but it has worked for me also how much ram do you have installed I reccomend at min 512mb prefer 2gb ram for using Convert X to dvd my favorite program been a paying user for years. elliott …

    I am new to this game but have successfully converted a number of projects. However, I have hit a stumbling block with my latest project. I keep getting an Out ofMemory error.

    out of memory : ConvertXToDVD old version 2.x – Everytime i try to convert i get out of memory. How do i fix this ? What do i have to delete? thanks

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    I did some searching around and it was recommended to try and turn of firewall and antivirus software. So I did (I took out internet also) along with other programs that were using memory and I ran ConvertXtoDVD last night and the program haulted at what seems to be almost the exact same spot as …