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    (12) Parameteric Sweep - COMSOL 4.2 TutorialHow to Implement a Mesh Refinement … – Learn how to perform a mesh refinement study in COMSOL Multiphysics with these tips and tricks, including ideal mesh size and fineness….

    For users of the COMSOL software package. – You can then import the mesh into COMSOL which should work perfectly (File>Import mesh). … As Daniel suggested it is much easier to import the mesh into Comsol and then convert it back to a draw object in COmsol. >> 1.) Errors in rendering the geometry.

    What is an Inverted Mesh Element? – Finite Element Analysis … – This morning, I ran some simulations on our existing connector (4 partial simulations), with no inverted mesh errors. This is from native files, … Then import the parasolid to Comsol and mesh from there… RE: What is an Inverted Mesh Element? ryandias (Automotive) (OP)

    Comsol Error – Comsol Error. Hi, I have tried to … There are no errors or warnings with the tetrahedral mesh generated on this basis. The deformed result also seems to be error-free, it shows realistic deformation. I can’t find any documentation on this error. Has anybody an idea?

    MATLAB Central > MATLAB Newsreader > COMSOL Error 2100 Add thread to My Watch List What is a Watch List? Thread Subject: COMSOL Error 2100. … > last and final part will not mesh. I get the same Error 2100. Does > anyone know what this means? > > Geometry Description: I have a hollow cylinder …

    … Mesh Error. Hi I do not have a running COMSOL here, but mostly you hit some topological limitations of the quad/block mesher. A simple block will be meshed OK, … Mesh Error. Hi, Ivar, thank you for your detailed explanation.

    18.11.2014 · Just another WordPress.com site … September 7, 2013 I have been updating the material on use of Aspen Plus to include version 8.0-8.2….

    Comsol Nanoscale Meshing Problem Jun 29, 2009 #1. keniwas. 59. Hi … but upon importing into comsol i get an error saying the nastran file was corrupt. … COMSOL Rectangular mesh (VERY ) Moving Mesh Problem in COMSOL.

    study on ultrasonic stepped horn geometry . design and fem simulation . eng. alexandru sergiu nanu1, prof. niculae ion marinescu2, assoc. prof. daniel ……

    Forums ‹ General … “Hi all, I’m trying to import a file given to me from a collegue in *.mphtxt format, but I get and error: Code: Select all ElmerGrid 9 2 PEM.mphtxt Starting program Elmergrid Elmergrid reading in-line arguments Output will be saved to file PEM. Elmergrid loading data: —–“

    The latest multiphysics software release from COMSOL is here. Find out what you can simulate with COMSOL 4.4 on the Release Highlights page:…