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    XP Randomly Freezes with no Error Message or BSOD – Tech … – XP Randomly Freezes with no Error Message or BSOD User Name: Remember Me? Password: Site Map: Posting Help: Register: Rules: Search: … At startup, my computer does occasionally display a “no boot device detected” message (see attached photo).

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    No error message in the event log, but the computer freezes. This is a hardware problem or software? Articles & News; Forum; … The computer sometimes, does not always freezes when I turn it on after the greeting Windows 7. appears a blank light blue screen

    Windows 7 freezes, no error messages Greetings, Windows … I would suggest you to go to event viewer and check if you have any error message there, here is the link: … Logon to your computer using an account with Administrator privileges.

    Describes how to determine whether the computer is infected with kernel driver rootkit spyware and how to remove this spyware….

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    Please help! computer randomly freezing, no error message. … a fresh install of windows 7 like I do every year about 20 or so days ago and now I’ve recently been suffering frequent computer freezes. Its not consistent like it would freeze right after boot.

    Computer Freezes no error message. Not sure if this is the correct section for this, but I am having major computer problems. For the past couple weeks my computer will randomly freeze. This happens on the desktop, while using a game or application, even on boot up.

    You said it happens a lot when you’re playing a game meaning that it’s either DirectX doing something weird, your video card overheating or screwing up, your audio card screwing up, or just overheating in general… at least that’s what I think. Make sure all of your video and audio …

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