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    Emergency Management Staff Trainer (EMST) 2013 Product VideoEmergency “Computer Error” – Emergency “Computer Error” This episode of Emergency originally aired December 22, 1973. and is a very early appearance of Audrey in prime time television. EM01.jpg 31.82 KB. EM02.jpg 27.82 KB EM03.jpg 28.07 KB EM04.jpg 27.96 KB EM05.jpg 27.84 KB EM06.jpg

    Emergency! – Season 3, Episode 14: Computer Error – TV.com – Watch Emergency! – Season 3, Episode 14 – Computer Error: John tries to get a credit card mistake corrected. A young couple is rescued from a car wreck; the boy has a spinal cord…

    Computer Error | Video | Emergency! | NBC – Watch “Computer Error” from the hit NBC Drama, Emergency!.

    Computer Error – Welcome to Emergencyfans.com – Computer Error. Script #37415; Episode #3.14; Airdate: 12/22/1973. Writer: John Groves Director: Joel Oliansky. Guest Cast: Bonnie Bartlett, Mark Miller, Tami Guthrie, Audrey Landers, Danny Most, Loren Jameson. Story: Johnny tries to get a credit card mistake corrected.

    Emergency!: Computer Error. A computer error wrecks havoc with Gage’s credit card. Cases include the rescue of a woman at the bottom of a well, an amateur magician from a safe, and a young couple from a car wreck. Episode Info.

    Directed by Joel Oliansky. With Robert Fuller, Julie London, Bobby Troup, Randolph Mantooth. John gets a credit card bill for $842 (should have been $8.42) after taking a girl on a date, and the station (and Dixie) hear all about it. The firemen rescue a young couple from a traffic…

    Emergency! series page at Hulu.comThe computer makes a mistake and paramedic Gage’s dinner costs $842.

    Emergency!: Computer Error. Season 3: Episode 14. The computer makes a mistake and paramedic Gage’s dinner costs $842. Aired: 12/22/73. Views … Description: Sync OneDrive for Business to your computer and then access your files from File Explorer instead of from a web browser.