• Compile Error Visual Basic Excel 2007

    Visual Basic: HOW TO Auto Fill Out Web FormsCompile Error in Hidden Module : ThisWorkbook – Recently noticed every time I open Excel (2007) this error block showing up . … This is a discussion on Compile Error in Hidden Module: … That error message is generally due to some visual basic reference(s) …

    Microsoft Visual Basic Compile Error in hidden module when I launch Excel. This error started after installation of Msoutlook2010. … Office 2007; Microsoft Office Excel; Had this question Me Too 2. Question. ActivedirectorQT asked on March 26, 2012

    It’s only shown once I want to open/close the Excel: Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications: Compile error in hidden module: This workbook. … Excel shows a “compile error in hidden module: … Microsoft Office Excel 2007 ; Microsoft Office Excel 2003 ;

    Solved: Word and Excel 2007 compile error in hidden module. Computer problem? … I’ve searched for both pdfmaker files and found nothing, tried looking at the references after going into Visual Basic from both Word and Excel.

    Excel 2007 visual basic error I … Microsoft Visual Basic. Compile error in hidden module: Module2 I have checked module 2 and to me it looks okay, but something must have changed in excel 2007 which I do not have loaded on my machine.