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    I have a problem with comodo firewall, after i installed it and rebooted my pc, this pop up appeared . It keeps appearing every time I start my pc an

    Popup from Comodo Geekbuddy (38 posts) … @ BobbyD, is COMODO, your only Anti-virus ? EDIT: your show tom, i suspect to many Av’s causing a conflict. mark. … “Application popup: Windows – System Error: A duplicate name exists on the network.”

    Between its straight antivirus and behavior-based Defense+ system, Comodo Antivirus 2012 blocked all threats in testing. It’s not so good at cleaning up, though, and it also blocked valid programs.

    Has comodo firewall got ad blocker built in – Are you talking about popup ads? The list below shows the free Comodo products and at the right-hand side they show what it prevents.

    (I found on the Comodo website that GeekBuddy can be uninstalled.) After 2 days of running Comodo Internet Security, a popup occurred saying that Anti-error found a problem with my computer. Clicked the popup and it listed 4 problems (paraphrasing):

    Configuring Pop-ups page describes how you can configure Comodo Dragon to block, allow or selectively allow pop-ups.

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