• Code Blocks Error Undefined Reference To Winmain@16

    SDL/OpenGL Game Development Tutorials: Part 1 - Setting up SDLUndefined reference to WinMain@16 – C++ Forum – Forum. General C++ Programming. Undefined reference to WinMain@16. I am using the Code :: Blocks Compiler currently. Also, creating a blank project did not fix the error, just caused confusion, as I could not create anything within the project.

    Problem With undefined reference to `WinMain@16′ in Code::Blocks Version… – or a code error that im not seeing which would be very typical :P. i know my code is not cleaner *cba*. int myass; ^ “ComeauTest.c”, line 15: warning: variable “dooshbag” was declared but never. referenced.

    Code::Blocks undefined reference to WinMain@16 (Страница… | Форум – Сейчас пытаюсь скомпилировать на windows в Code::Blocks undefined reference to ‘SDL_strlcpy’ undefined reference to ‘SDL_strlcat’ undefined reference to…

    i try everything and that stupid error wont go away , so can someone plz explain what i did wrong or a way to fix it , i am using console application , with cnu gcc compiler. with code blocks 13.12 , hopes that all the info yall need to help me.

    undefined reference to `WinMain@16′. Here’s the code I’ve been using C++ Code Blocks error: undefined reference to SDL_PollEvent and WinMain@16.