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    Tutorial: How to replace the CMOS battery in your laptopTroubleshoot a BIOS or CMOS ‘Checksum’ Error | PCWorld – If you’re getting errors when you boot your PC, the problem may be nothing more than a dead CMOS battery. Fortunately, they’re cheap and easy to replace–on desktops, anyway.

    When I boot the computer I get two short beeps. The motherboard manual (Gigabyte G.1 Assassin 2) says it is a CMOS Setting Error. I’v turned the computer off, unplugged it, and held the CLR CMOS button on the back for 5 seconds. I then rebooted and loaded optimized settings. I’m still getting the

    Computer users frequently encounter CMOS Checksum Bad Error for many reasons. This error may be frustrating, but the good part is that it can be solved easily.

    What is a Cmos Checksum Error and How Do You Fix it. By: Robert – Bad or old CMOS battery: Reboot the computer. If the error still occurs after rebooting, enter CMOS setup and check all values, this includes verifying that the time and date are correct.

    Learn what complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, or CMOS, is and what to do if you receive CMOS-related error messages.

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    G62-220CA CMOS 502 error Laptop boot but die in 4 second win… HP Support Forums. Join in the conversation. Search the Community … after the hard reset it comes with a screen about corrupt CMOS error 502 and it say It will reset it and then it boot.

    You are here: Help > Computer Hardware > CMOS. CMOS checksum error Bad or old CMOS battery. Reboot the computer. If error still occurs after rebooting the computer enter CMOS setup and check all values, this includes verifying the time and date are correct.