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    unrecoverable error 416 read error on overlay filebatch – Dear sir, I use a clipper with a server Novell Netware 4.0 at the time of execution of the program there is an error message and access is slow Process terminates and display following message: unrecoverable error 416: read error on overlay fil…

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    CA-Clipper 5.3 . Error Messages – Short Entry – … Runtime Errors—– BASE Error Messages BASE/1001 Undefined function BASE/1002 Undefined alias BASE/1003 Undefined variable BASE … —– Runtime Unrecoverable Error Messages 0 Error System Integrity … open overlay file 416 Read error on overlay 520 …

    Unrecoverable error 416 ???? Quote: > Every time i try to add a new record i got this error Unrecoverable > error 416: Read error on overlay file. > This program is running on a network (Novell 3.11) and the source code > is Clipper 5.2e and the compiler is Blinker 3.1 > Serge Paulin . Serge,

    It is all environmentally related and does not branch to Clipper internal Error block whenever it occurs. About Us; broadcast; dual straming; RSS : Posts; Comments; … Unrecoverable error 416: read error on overlay file This error occurs when the overlay manager fails to read from the overlay file.