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    Set Top Box Secret MenuFix Cisco Stb Error Codes Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 [Solved] – This paper provides a background on several signal quality metrics applicable to CMTS and cable network operation and how they relate to overall performance….

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    Whole House DVR – Cisco Error Code 2d. Forum Home. TV Forum. Internet Forum. Phone Forum. Apps Forum. Whole House DVR – Cisco Error Code 2d. … I get the 2d error whenever I switch my a/v receiver from the Cisco STB to any other source (e.g. blu ray player).

    Error code ia01 on cisco cable box how do i fix it. I have time warner cable and have tried to connect a blu ray and a wii to the internet, … What does it mean when it says your cable set top box has detected a problem during its startup process?

    Learn how digital video is changing entertainment and communication with Cisco’s consumer experience. Home Skip to content … What’s the code on my AT8400 AllTouch Remote Control that ties together all … Can you provide a diagram describing the connectors on the back of the Explorer set-top box?

    This section covers the error messages and fault codes that you are most likely to see in Cisco Prime Home. Refer to the following topics for more information:

    The problem is that they dont have the Cisco 8742HDC STB programmed as one of the options. So I’m trying to figure out which SA or Cisco STB has the same IR Codes as the 8742HDC so I can select it. Any one know? Thanks! You guys are my last hope 🙂

    Error Codes ER00. If you see this error on your TV please chat or call us at 1-888-438-2427 and provide the advisor with the specific error code you are seeing

    Try to use the Verizon Motorola STB codes. The Cisco and Motorola use the same remote control, which is different than the default SA codes or Default Cisco codes.