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    Cisco PD error, pd error message – The Cisco Learning Network – The corp directory works, the ip phones services, personal directory is present. What assistance is available on this issue? … Cisco PD error, pd error message. Hi, …

    Personal Directory SURL | Cisco | VOIP – Gossamer Threads … – Personal Directory SURL Cisco VOIP Login | Register For Free | Help: … >> Cisco PD Error … >> PD Error message >> EXIT >> >> Any ideas what the direct URL is to PD? I have a cust who is ballistic

    Cisco PD Error: Click Directories Button twice | IP Telephony | Cisco Technical Support Forum | 5961 | 11328471 … Community Directory. Network Infrastructure. WAN, Routing and Switching; LAN, Switching and Routing; Network Management; Remote Access;

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    Cisco PD Error PD Error Message … (and Personal Addressbook service) are moved to the phones “Directory” button, where the corporate directory, missed calls, etc. also resides.

    This document describes how to repair issues with the Corporate Directory Lookup caused in Cisco Unified Communication Manager … and you receive this error message: Cisco PD Error Press button … You receive this error message when you try to access the Personal or Corporate Directory …