• Cdex Error Correction

    Compact discCDex vs EAC | ZeroPaid Forums – Zeropaid.com – Technology … – I had tried EAC once, and only got it to do anything if “error correction” was turned off. collideous, Feb 19, 2004 #2. … CDex is of no use compared to EAC, it returns files full of errors and audible clicks claiming zero errors occured even in full paranoia mode.

    EAC vs. CDEX? – Head-Fi.org – Headphone forums and reviews … – But you dont really need error correction unless you’ve got scratched disks and CDEX is a faster ripper. So I guess it depends on your needs… CDEX:Faster … If both CDEX and EAC use LAME as encoders, then the only difference is the ripping, …

    CDex / Discussion / Help:Jitter correction enable or not? – Hi, I have been using Cdex for a long while, using various settings and I couldn’t be without out it:). I do though seem to get quite a few status X when I have ‘jitter correction’turned on, and I get even more when I try and use ‘Full Paranoid’ mode.

    EAC Vs CDex SecureMode. From Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase. Jump to: navigation, search. … No C2 + cache: I canceled the extraction after 2 hours of error correction. Feurio . Reports 9,462 C2 errors! CDex . Zero errors!

    If you can not resolve the jitter errors by applying the tips above, … To solve this problem, CDex uses a so called jitter correction, which means CDex is not position the laser to the end of the first block, but a few sectors earlier.