• Calls About Microsoft Errors

    Fun With Indian Phone Scammers Claiming to be MicrosoftReceived call from Microsoft support about errors on my … – I had a call today claiming to be from Microsoft. The person showed me (by phone) the event viewer and then I saw all the errors and warnings under Applications and System. To be honest, I was a bit

    Microsoft tech support scam: Calls about Windows errors … – Computer security firms are warning about a Microsoft tech support scam, that now appears to be exploding nationwide. This cold-calling scam first surfaced a couple of years ago.

    Microsoft error call is yet another scam — Business … – It seems that more and more conversations begin that way, when people realize how often I write about scams in this column. Two people delivered the message just last week, based on “cold calls” each had received. The first call was to a neighbor of mine; it was from a person …

    New twist on computer error message/virus scams: Joint … – March 2011: SCAMwatch, Microsoft and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are warning Australians to continue to be wary of scam calls claiming that your computer is infected with a virus or is sending out error messages.

    Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer In this scam cybercriminals call you and claim to be from Microsoft Tech Support.

    I have recently been receiving calls, allegedly from Windows Microsoft security, informing me my computer is in danger of crashing due to a plague of viruses, and if I open my computer they will eradicate said viruses via the phone.