• Blue Iris Socket Error 10053


    Error code: 0x800CCC0F and Socket Error 10053 – Windows Live … – Error code: 0x800CCC0F and Socket Error 10053 – Windows Live Mail … SMTP Port: 25 Secure (SSL): Yes Socket Error: 10053. PROBLEM: Cannot send photos from my PICTURES file in Outlook Mail as attachments. Very frustrating. … My “usual” eMail opens with Outlook.com blue title at top.

    I am unsure if this is a Blue Iris problem or not. … Error: ffffffff (I/O error:0) 0 and 80002745 (socket error: 10053) 0. 4 different cameras have cut out, 1 of them doing it twice. To fix this I must. IP Cam Talk > Camera Software > Blue Iris > …

    Blue Iris Video Security and Webcam Software » Troubleshooting » Recovering from Socket Errors? … Is there are way to make Blue Iris reset the cameras if the have a socket error? If I reset the camera manually it starts to work no problem.

    … Blue Iris Socket Error – Hikvision OEM – Wrightwood. Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:22 pm. I have 2 of these running under BI (not Wrightwood, but virtually identical), running 5.0.0, and don’t see these issues.

    connection. The exception I get is: “socket.error: (10053, ‘Software caused connection abort’)” This happens in the socket.recv function. … It is not related to Python but it is rather a Windows Sockets error. Searching the google I have found this description of the error message:

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