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    Gareth Elmsbackbone.js – Why don’t JavaScript libraries use error … – I have looked through underscore.js and backbone.js, both two very popular libraries and noticed that they don’t use error handling (try, catch, exception). What is the reason for this decision?

    japh(r) by Chris Strom: Error Handling in Backbone.js – Error Handling in Backbone.js ‹prev | My Chain | next› I was able to eliminate the last little oddity in my Backbone.js appointment calendar application last night. At this point I am able to add and delete (though not update) calendar appointments.

    HTTP status codes – Backbone.js and Jquery – backbone.js … – HTTP status codes – Backbone.js and Jquery. javascriptag.com provides javascript develop assistant about backbone.js.

    Welcome to the second installment of the TODO Error Handling series for TrackJS. We’ve been taking a look at the awesome ToDoMVC.com example applications and wiring them up for better error handling with TrackJS.

    I’m wondering how people typically do error handling with backbone.js. It would be nice for something to popup everytime I call model.save (which in turn calls Backbone.sync). The thing is, how d…

    Thanks Jeremy, Yes, I agree that try catches are not the solution, but I don’t think that the correct behaviour is to stop all other listeners from