• Automated Error Reporting For C#

    6/15/13 - How To: Make A Weather Application In C# (& Implement It Into Your Program)Automated Error Reporting: The Gateway To Better Quality – Infoq – One of the most promising of these is Automated Error Reporting, which taps into an organization’s user base to identify common software.

    You could run it on your regular development machine over night, while you’re on a break during your workday, or completely automated on your build server. Since monkey_master doesn’t report errors itself, it relies on an error reporting framework like Crashlytics.

    If your entire business rests on the IP embodied in your software or you don’t want your C# or VB.NET code exposed internationally, then obfuscating your Automated Error Reporting is an exception handling mechanism that automatically and silently collects detailed information when errors occur.

    This article introduces you to error handling in C# and offers examples on how to use it…. So why not let your users give you the whole story in one click, with SmartAssembly’s Automated Error Reporting?…

    To try and reduce those I made an automated error reporting solution. If you apply the fix, a form will show up when a fatal error occurs with the option to type what you did and all the details of the error and environment.

    Automated error reporting is essential, especially if you’re close to your customers. Bugs in applications will always happen – but the way that you deal with them can make a big difference to you and your users.

    The .NET Languages Add-on provides automated IntelliPrompt completion lists, parameter info, quick info, code snippets, code outlining, parsing, AST construction, syntax error reporting, a resolver, formatting, and more for C# and Visual Basic documents.

    Automated Error Reporting For C#. November 16, 2014Softwareadmin. SmartAssembly is a .NET obfuscator which includes error reporting and dll merging – try it free for 14 days….

    Adobe Technologies. C#. Free Tools. Objective-C. The problem with automated accessibility testing tools. Automating the Reporting of Critical Errors in Your Program.

    By automating the error reporting process you can receive real time information whenever your program crashes, error reports include a complete state of the program at that time it crashes.