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    Using HTML5 audio and video – Web developer guide | MDN – HTML5 introduces built-in media support via the audio and video elements, offering the ability to easily embed media into HTML documents.

    HTML5 Primer How to Use the Audio Tag – HTML Goodies: The … – In our series on HTML5, we’ve discussed geolocation, link relations, form and keyboard events, media events, mouse events, global attributes and multimedia. This week we’re going to expand upon our discussion on multimedia and delve further into HTML5’s

    Using JavaScript to Control the Audio Object (Windows) – The audio object in HTML5 provides methods, properties, and events that you can use to control playback from JavaScript.

    HTML5 Audio and jQuery – Stack Overflow – I am trying to use a button to start a track in an HTML5 audio tag using jQuery, but I keep getting an error. var song = $(‘#audio’); $(‘#play’).click(function() { song.play(); }); When I use

    HTML5 is not needed to download mp3 files. What gave you the idea that you needed to “activate HTML5 audio”? What browser are you using (including version)? What is the complete error message you get, without paraphrasing? If you are visiting a web page coded using the HTML5 <audio …