• Auction Error 31073

    Auction House In Diablo 3Auction House Error Bid Failed 31073 – Forums – Diablo III – im having the same problem can’t buy anything from AH 🙁 #3 5/29/2012

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    Login and Auction House Issues (5/30) Blizzard Blue Tracker: Auction House Error 31073 Players will sometimes receive “Error 31073” when attempting to create a new auction.

    Saturday, August 18, 2012. Auction House error 31073 in Diablo 3. 4:12 AM Auction House. A few hours ago, when I wanted to post some items in the Diablo 3 Auction House I got the annoying error 31073. This is not the first time this auction house error pops up, …

    Diablo Auction House Error 31073 I’ve currently getting error code 31073 when creating any auction on the Diablo 3 gold and real money auction house on the EU servers. I’ve submitted a support ticket to Blizzard: Hello Blizzard,

    Auction house is live now, but players will sometimes receive “Error 31073″ when attempting a transaction on the auction house.

    The issue with errors with the Auction House should be improving now, however there will be a backlog of transactions so there may be some delays to work through as everything comes back online.

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    I can’t sell anything, with all i have in my bank i need to vendor it to get space for new stuff… This is getting old. There’s no point in an AH when it’s broken to the bone all the time 🙁

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