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    How to fix Olmapi32.dll incompatible ErrorGPS error code 5 | GeoNet – If the GPS is disconnected or the GPS connection is dropped during an ArcPad session I receive the following errors: 1)”An error has occurred connecting

    Get Data For Arcpad Error – HOME – ESRI Discussion Forums – Message: I am getting an error message that the operation failed on at at least one layer (0 succeeded) after clicking on the Get Data for ArcPad7 button. … Get Data For Arcpad Error : Author: Douglas Anderson : Date: Oct 04, 2007 : Message:

    37133 – ArcPad is not running – When clicking ‘Send Script…’ in ArcPad Studio, the following error message displays: “ArcPad is not running”. Cause. The ArcPad Windows class name has changed in ArcPad 8.0. Solution or Workaround. Follow the methods described here for communication between ArcPad and a third party application.

    Why do I get the error message “Server object instance creation failed on all SOC machines” when I publish an ArcPad project? … ArcPad looks for the folder DataForArcPad on your web server to retrieve a copy of your ArcPad publication.

    When connecting to the GPS receiver, the Error 55 message appears, even after changing the settings to a free COM Port. This error occurs when the COM Port is changed in ArcPad but the application has not been restarted. Set the GPS Preferences to COM 3 and then exit ArcPad completely to release …

    “Error 55 opening COM1” message when activating the GPS. This error may occur when ArcPad attempts to open the serial port, such as COM1, when the port has already been opened by another application. Any …