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    Windows 8.1 How to add or remove app access to webcam with privacy settingsTroubleshoot problems with an app – Windows Help – Learn how to troubleshoot problems with an app you installed from the Windows Store and how to contact the developer for customer support.

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    If you’ve updated your PC from Windows 7 and can’t execute any Windows 8 apps, it is likely since you possess a 3rd party antivirus application on your PC w …

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    Windows 8 Apps or Tiles not working? Windows 8 Apps Troubleshooter will help you if your Windows 8 apps fail to install or open run or update or simply crash or freeze.

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    The new features Windows 8.1 (or Windows Blue) should appeal to power users, but really don’t change the fundamental concerns newcomers will have with Microsoft’s OS.

    Windows: If you’re having problems with a Windows 8 Store app and nothing is working, Microsoft offers a few troubleshooting tips, as well as a utility that can automatically find and fix app problems for you—even ones you’re not aware of.

    Apps problem on windows 8.1 Dear Microsoft, I had win 8 and all Apps was working fine, after … here will only give you complicated 20 step “maybe this might work” fixes while the company completely ignores the problems. Windows 8 sucked.

    Hi Mojtaba, Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community forums. From the issue description, I see that you are unable to open any Apps and Windows Store in Windows 8. I can imagine the inconvenience you have experienced. We are here to help and guide you in the right …

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    The Windows App Store can be temperamental, exhibiting many different issues such as missing app updates, app license corruption, and cached results that don’t automatically refresh, among others. But, what happens with the Windows Store app won’t load at all?