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    iOS Error [Custom Boot Animation]BounceInterpolator | Android Developers – android.view.animation.BounceInterpolator: Class Overview. An interpolator where the change bounces at the end. Summary. Public Constructors; BounceInterpolator BounceInterpolator (Context context, AttributeSet attrs) Public Methods; float: getInterpolation (float t)

    AudioRecord | Android Developers – Class Overview. The AudioRecord class manages the audio resources for Java applications to record audio from the audio input hardware of the platform….

    I’m trying to make a spin animation using this tutorial from developers.android.com I’m pretty sure, that everything is OK, but it appears “Application has stopped”. That’s my MainActivity: public

    So I want to start an animation when my application starts that always visible in the application. So reading about the AnimationDrawable it

    Default Android animation loads all frames in memory to increase performance. This easily leads to OutOfMemoryErrors with a large number of frames, specially when using compressed formats like PNG.

    Class Overview. The AudioTrack class manages and plays a single audio resource for Java applications. It allows streaming of PCM audio buffers to the audio ……

    The best of Google built in Android works perfectly with your favorite apps like Google Maps, Calendar, Gmail, and YouTube….

    I am now writing a program to play a list of image using AnimationDraawable in android application. The list of images are download from the server.

    Learning to draw and animate simple 2D and 3D graphics in Android.; Author: Peter Leow; Updated: 24 Jan 2015; Section: Android; Chapter: Mobile Development ……

    Android GridView Zoom Images Animation Tutorial – … – In this tutorial, you will learn how to zoom images in your gridview using animation in your Android application.