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    Battlefield 2 launch, black screen and crash to desktop SOLVED. Windows 7 64 bits. Project Reality.BF2: Alpha Project 2.0 | PRTA – Project Reality Teamwork Alliance | Forum – BF2: Alpha Project 2.0. Discussion in ‘Games’ started by Phoenix, Apr 6, 2013. Page 1 of 3. Location: Scotland/United Kingdom. PR:BF2 Name: Phoenix.

    and this is only some of the stuff we are doing, inovation and quality is a high priority for us, please let us know when you consider helping us! Best wishes, The Alpha Project Team. 2 months ago – Revive BF2 Crew Member.

    ALPHA. 503 Error. // Cannot access data // hpcO 00 77 .. Maintenance.

    Sorry for the black flickering, my gfx gard is NOT overheating I can assure you that, i’m not sure what is going on.

    Alpha Project BF2 Mod Launcher. Jan 30, 2015 Installer Tool 9 comments. This error shows that your client is not the same as the server. +1 vote reply to comment. Drummershocked Feb 10 2015, 7:30am replied

    Been watching it for a while. The 1p hands are impressive. wow the hands are great must have taken a lot of time to get that to work( they look better than Arma 2 stationary hands :0 ) if only we could see hands in pr that would be much…

    Battlefield SinglePlayer Forum > BF2/2142 Mod Development > Alpha Project Workshop. One of the crashed i had in the debugger was the one i posted in the bf2 section on bfsp, but unfortunately i get no error with windowed mode crashes when playing with bots.

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    I also remember an alpha BF2 mod project which was in development a few years ago. You mean running the mod throught the debugger to observe possible errors and clear them? If so yes from time to time, basicly when i come in trouble with new additions to the…