• Advantage Error 6610

    Miracle Box 1.02 SPD CPU 6610 Read Flash File DoneHow To: Troubleshoot an Advantage Connection Issue | SCN – Connection errors have been reduced over the years by improvements to the Advantage communication layer. However these errors still occur. There is a lot of great information in the Knowledge Base on the most common connection errors such as 6060, 6420 or 6610.

    Medisoft Error Codes – Medical Billing Software – This medisoft error appears when the Advantage application is unable to connect to the Advantage Database Server or ADS. This error is generally brought about by one of the four issues outlined below. I. … Medisoft Error: 6610 on a Networking Version of Medisoft

    What is a 6610 error? – Advantage Developer Zone – A 6610 error is a client error that is typically generated when the specified client timeout value is reached while waiting for a response from the Advantage Database Server (ADS).

    Medisoft Error Medisoft Error Codes. Medisoft Error 5004: Practice data does not exist or not sufficient rights . Medisoft Error 6420: Unable to Discover the Advantage Database Server

    When using NTFS with Windows NT/2000/2003, it is possible to receive 6610, 9029 and/or 7013 errors in either the Advantage Database Server error log or from the client application.

    6610 Errors DESCRIPTION: Generally 6610 errors indicate a communication problem on the network. Some common causes and solutions for 6610 errors are provided below.

    1. It is possible to troubleshoot an Advantage 6610 error by reducing the packet size. This may stop 6610 errors that are being caused by artificial packet fragmentation.